Monday, 1 August 2011

The Radical Gardener by Michael Parsons

Glusburn Allotments

Our peaceful hobby of allotment gardening is the result of centuries-old struggles for land access."He who controls the land controls the life of the people": and our land in the past has been alienated by enclosure movements, and by the Victorian Highlands Clearances; until weak checks were built into the Victorian Enclosure Acts whereupon began today's allotment movement, though much remains to be done.

More land cannot be produced by landlords no matter how high its price goes, so charging more for it is no remedy for its scarcity, a fact ignored by those who argue for allotment rent increases. The better future lies in fairer access for the majority, not restricting it to the wealthy by excluding or patronising the poor, and fairer access is what allotments aim for.

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