Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Lot More Allotments

Addingham Allotments

The Giggleswick Horticultural Society celebrate their 70th anniversary this month.  This years show will be held in the Giggleswick Junior School pavilion on the 13th. The show was first held in 1941 and was a part of the Dig For Victory movement which promoted growing your own as a way to boost morale, nutritional intake and to reduce the pressure on the public food supply.  Classes are open to all entrants (schedules available from Giggleswick Tea Rooms) with exhibits being auctioned at 4pm.

The same day (13th Aug) new allotments will be opened in Earby.  The allotments have been provided by the Earby Parish Council and were funded jointly by the Parish Council, Lancashire County Council & Pendle Councils West Craven Area Committee.  The Cemetery Road Allotments cost a total of £8,346 and include a water supply, fencing and sheds.  Councillor Chris Tennant, the Chair, said that he wanted to provide more plots, but due to boundary restrictions 16 plots was the limit on that site. He was however negotiating an extension of the Rushden Avenue site, to add another four to six plots.  The Cemetary Road allotments will be officially opened at 2pm with soft drinks available and will include the annual Parish Council gathering.

Addingham Allotments & Gardens Association hold their annual show on the 14th of August in the Addingham Memorial Hall.  There are both closed classes for residents and open classes for visitors wishing to show vegetables, flowers, floral art, home craft & photography.  There will also be childrens classes and schedules are available from shops around Addingham or online here.  Entries must be registered before the 10th.

Addingham is another allotment inspiration locally and though it has a population just over a third higher than Cowling it provides more than ten times the number of allotments.  In Addingham allotment provision is around 1 for every 30 residents, in Cowling we have around 1 in 187!  The Addingham Parish Council responded to written representation made in May 2009 by providing 34 new plots complete with water butts and rabbit proof fencing in a little over 12 months. 

 Hope you're enjoying the summer and making the most of what's going on round and about.

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