Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Answers on a Postcard....Please!

Cowling Parish Clouncil have now updated their records to include Septembers aforementioned "missing" minutes. Well done, Bravo!

As it would seem there is someone "in the office" at the moment I wonder if there might be anyone prepared to consider the following questions:

  • What does the PC, (as a pro-allotment local authority in charge of allotment provision), think of the failure of the District Council to respond to the annual data collection by the National Society for Allotment and Leisure Gardeners?  
Surely, as a proud local authority that is content with its current efforts regarding allotment provision, Cowling feels sold short by not being able to boast its best efforts nationally?  You can read all about it HERE and check out an interactive map built from the data (Screenshot shown above. Grey areas failed to respond - sometimes its best to say nowt!).

  • Has the vacant plot (mentioned in August) been dealt with yet?  
 As I am sure the PC are aware, there are standard procedures for dealing with such simplicities and solution seeking local authorities have a very simple system to move people into new plots within weeks!  I know that seems lightening fast, but there you go. That's what enthusiasm gets you - results!

  • Does the Council consider the village newsletter to be good value for public money?
I understand that the editor is the wife of a current PC member (former member of the abandoned Allotment Working Group) and expect the council is happy with it generally.  But as I have had two notices on behalf of the Cowling Allotment Group excluded from the village newsletter in the last 6 months, it is beginning to smack more of "jobs for the boys" than a community newsletter reflecting actual views in the village. Over £500 a year for a few sheets of A4 black and white print once a month. Which fails to include two pro allotment notices, in spite of the PCs claim of pro-allotment sentiment! Poor value and pitiful execution, in my humble opinion. 

  •  What is Cowling Parish Council doing about:
A - The appalling state of the currently mismanaged allotments?

B - Providing the LONG overdue new plots to accommodate the growing number of villagers (and the Council Tax [amongst other benefits] they provide) on the waiting list?

Go on..  Give us some answers!


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