Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lovin' it Local

New Laithe Farm Butchers

I like to eat seasonal organic produce and look to support local producers and suppliers above all else.  I bake my own bread & cakes, our locally produced milk is delivered by Keith Hiscoe, our meat comes from New Laithe Farm butchers (who do discounts for orders paid for online) and for much of our fruit & veg, I buy boxes.  

Box schemes are an ideal solution for those who don't grow or who are waiting for home grown varieties to come through.  The boxes guarantee my fruit and veg is delivered farm fresh and seasonal. Which means I can spend the time I saved not shopping on deciding what to do with it!  

Riverford - a national box scheme

If you're unfamiliar, box schemes usually offer a range of box types so you can get more or less depending on your needs and often you can have specific items added or excluded as you prefer.  There are a range of schemes available, but the one I like to use is Riverford. They offer free delivery, recycle all their packaging, include a handy newsletter and promote regional farmers through their national network.

Riverford regional - promoting local farmers

Buying local produce supports local businesses and getting involved with initiatives like the Naylors Brewery cider making day are good for all of us.  We get better quality, fresher produce and support our local economies; which all goes some way towards strengthening community.  Something many agree we're all much poorer without.

Steve Naylor of Naylors Brewery - Crosshills

I hope you find a useful link or two in the article and do get in touch if you know of any local businesses or initiatives that you'd like to see getting a mention.


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