Friday, 3 June 2011

Allotment Provision - Progress

Well, we have been waiting for the village newsletter to drop on the mat as it should have included our allotment flyer this month, sadly it didn't. We can only assume it got mislaid somewhere between the Drystone Cafe and the printing press.  Still you can't stop progress!

We had hoped to catch any stragglers that might have missed the flyers in the village or our posts on the web.  In any case, as we intend to make written representation within the month we'll forget the newsletter and concentrate on moving forward with the people that have already declared an interest.

On another front the Parish Council have included their poll of villagers views with respect to allotment placement and any future housing developments.  We are very lucky in Cowling to have a Parish Council that are so supportive of the coming Localism Bill and who are actively seeking the opinions of the electorate in order to represent them to the best of their ability.  Mr Perrow is very clear in his intentions to support the wishes of those whom he represents, we hope the villagers of Cowling will be as clear in responding to his calls for active participation.

With regards to the written representation made by the group for more allotments, we will be mailing everyone soon with details; should get the paperwork out to you in the coming weeks; in order to pass on our statutory request some time in the coming month. 

 We hope everyone enjoys the coming Gala and to those entering the garden competition, Good Luck!

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