Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Promising development for Cowling allotments

The parish council meeting was held last night and amongst the agenda was the issue of allotments.  It should be noted that the councilors paid considerable attention to public feedback on the matter resulting in what can best be described as a positive meeting for would be growers.  

In summary the PC acknowledged that the demand for allotments has gone well beyond the current provision and that a solution must now be found.  They accepted that Cowling requires somewhere in the region of 25-40 new plots to provide not only for current demand but also to cover further housing development and the expected rise in population.  The PC went on to raise the issue of compulsory purchasing and the consultation of parishioners regarding the siting of any new plots and propose to do this via a questionnaire. This may possibly be returned by hand at the shop, cafe or other method avoiding postal returns in the hope of maximizing participation by villagers.  The issue of the current use of the "Snowden" allotments was not raised at this time as the PC did have other business to attend to!

We would like to thank the chair, Mr Alan Perrow, for his handling of proceedings and attention to detail. We look forward to hearing from Mr Andrew Mallinson, Clerk to the Council, regarding a FOI request relating to the existing allotments which he acknowledged during the meeting; and thank the council for their consideration of points raised.  Emma would also like to thank the PC personally for inviting her to join the Allotments Working Group, which she is carefully considering at the moment.

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